🍻🍴 Indulge in Flavorful Delights at Café Whitney's Octoberfest Beer & Food Pairing! 🍴🍻

Calling all foodies and beer aficionados! Café Whitney is excited to present a tantalizing 5-course Octoberfest Beer & Food Pairing that will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. Our culinary team has carefully crafted each dish to perfectly complement the rich, robust flavors of classic German beers. Get ready for an evening of pure gastronomic delight!

🍽️ Appetizer - Kartoffelpuffer:Let's kick things off with a crispy, golden delight – German Potato Pancakes, served with a generous dollop of fresh dill creamy sauce. It's the perfect blend of crunchy and creamy, a mouthwatering start to your epicurean adventure.

🥗 First Course - Warm Radicchio Salad:Next, we've got a Warm Radicchio Salad that's bursting with flavors. Imagine gorgonzola cheese, candied walnuts, and double smoked slab bacon mingling together, all dressed in a zesty citrus vinaigrette. It's a salad that packs a punch!

🌭 Second Course - Oktoberfest German Sausages Platter:Get ready to savor the essence of Germany with our Oktoberfest German style sausages platter. We've sourced the finest “bratwurst,” “kielbasa,” and “Käsekrainer” sausages and paired them with our house-made black currant jam, sauerkraut, pickle vegetables, and wholegrain fennel mustard. A taste of tradition in every bite!

🍖 Third Course - Beer-brained Pork Schnitzel:For the main course, we present the mouthwatering Beer-brained Pork Schnitzel. It's lovingly topped with a rich "Jager" mushroom sauce (Hunter sauce) and served with crispy potato croquettes. This dish will have you saying "Prost!" with every bite.

🍰 Dessert - Black Forest-Dark Beer Roulade Cake:We couldn't forget dessert! Our Black Forest-Dark Beer Roulade Cake is a masterpiece of sweet indulgence. It's the perfect way to end your culinary journey with us – rich, chocolatey, and oh-so-decadent.

💲 Food Price per Person: $40An incredible 5-course dining experience at Café Whitney, expertly paired with some of the finest German beers, is just $40 per person. It's a deal that's too delicious to resist!

Join us for an evening of mouthwatering delights, perfectly paired with outstanding German beers. Whether you're a foodie with an adventurous palate or a beer connoisseur seeking the perfect match, Café Whitney's Octoberfest Beer & Food Pairing promises an unforgettable experience. Reserve your spot now and prepare to savor the taste of Germany right here in town!

Prost, and bon appétit! 🍻🍽️