Pumpkins, Apples and Martinis, Oh My!

Sweater weather cocktails... or just any weather cocktails. We present to you the 7 newest additions to the Cafe Whitney Cocktail Menu:


Just get yourself a wood-burning fire place, an argyle sweater and throw in a cigar and well, now you're the poster child for our Fall Fashioned.

Made with bullet bourbon, brown sugar simple and orange bitters this is your go-to old fashioned meets fall.

Sweet & Sour Margarita

You know what never goes out of style? A Margarita.... or frankly anything with a tajin rim.  

Fall 75

With apple vodka, apple cider and prosecco, this seasonal version of a French 75 might just give the real thing a run for it's money. So put on your best flat brimmed hat and flannel and come get yourself a Fall 75 before winter hits.


Does it have anything to do with fall? Maybe not. Is it undeniably delicious? Most definitely.

The All-Day Bloody

A great Bloody Mary is only as good as it's mix. Our All-Day Bloody is made with nothing but the best: house-made mix (we'd tell you the recipe but then we'd have to kill you) and peppered vodka.

Dirty Chai Martini

I prefer my espresso in a martini.... throw in some chai and now we're really talking.