Summertime and the Sippin is Easy

Summer and cocktails go together like bread and butter, coffee and cream, wine and cheese, fish and chips… need we say more? A summer evening is practically incomplete without a refreshingly delicious spirit in hand.

After adjusting many policies and procedures, including closing bar seating to adhere to new sanitation guidelines (yay summer of 2020), we knew our cocktails had to speak for themselves. The seating may be closed, but the drinks are pouring and might just be tastier than ever, if we do say so ourselves.

Here are three classic must-try summer sips that are currently hot on the menu here at Café Whitney:

Summer Fizz

Where are all my beach babe, barbeque lovin, brunchin’ gal pals at?! This one is for you. With source one vodka, lemon juice, mint, simple syrup, and club soda this drink is simply summer in a glass.


With its iridescent fizz, golden sparkle and sweet splash of peach, some might just call this drink perfection. Needless to say, the bellini is a traditional summer staple, but if you ask me – it’s a year-round necessity.

The Fancy

Composed, classy and cool - this cocktail is your summer fling, late night love and broken heart all wrapped into one delicious drink. With makers mark, simple syrup, cointreau, bitters and lemon twist, the fancy ain’t for the faint of heart.